Kate Moss Flirts With 40 in Playboy Preview

Jenny Depper
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Kate Moss sure knows how to hop to it!

To kick off her much anticipated spread in Playboy magazine's 60th anniversary January/February issue, the British model donned the classic bunny leotard and shot the camera her best come-hither look in a preview image.

In the snap, she's rocking the signature white cuffs with Playboy cufflinks, a white collar, black silk bunny ears, the corset-style leotard, a set of sky-high black heels, and a puffy white bunny tail. Moss, who is crouched on all fours like a sexy rabbit, looks stunning in the photo, which was captured by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot. But let's be honest, the shot looked pretty PG for the magazine, who is used to capturing gorgeous gals in much more compromising positions. In fact, this particular photo could be called downright classy and is reminiscent of Playboy's early pin-ups.

Moss, who is creeping up on her 40th birthday in January, certainly hasn't lost her touch when it comes to mugging for the shutterbugs, but it does appear that she may have gotten a little help from the photo department. The catwalker's tattoo on her hip, a "P" for former flame, singer Pete Doherty, looks more like an ink stain, yet they didn't touch up her moon tattoo on her ankle. Also, the shadows alongside her rear assets give her an angular look. We've seen the London-born babe in the nude for photo spreads and fashion shoots more times than we can count, so we're surprised she didn't push the boundaries a touch more.

But perhaps this suggestive preview is just a taste of what's to come. The magazine hits stands in early December; will you grab a copy?