Kate Middleton’s Look-Alike Has Us Looking Twice

Hallie Stephens
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Kate Middleton’s Look-Alike Has Us Looking Twice

Kate Middleton is arguably one of the most recognizable women in the world. So what do you do when you bear a striking resemblance to the gorgeous royal? Find a way to turn it into a buck!

That's just what Windsor-born Gabriella Munro-Douglas did, and now she's bringing home the bacon! In an interview with the Daily Mail, the 26-year-old Kate look-alike revealed that she makes a whopping $1,500 per appearance posing as Prince William's wife! But being the duchess's doppelganger can be scary at times, as tourists who mistake her for Kate follow her around in droves. Gabriella explained, "Getting mobbed is quite bizarre and is like a snapshot of being a celebrity. In a few minutes I go from being my normal self to putting my dress on and people following me around. When they start to crowd around it can be intimidating."

But this side gig is a far cry from Gabriella's 9-to-5 job as a furniture designer and buyer. Her spare time is all about looking like Kate, which she will do for as long as she can. She said, "I thought it would last a year after the wedding, but she is becoming more popular which will continue with the royal baby too. Maybe in 20 years I will still be doing it. But it depends on my appearance and if I age at the same rate. It is not a bad thing looking like her though. It could be worse."

And Gabriella isn't the only Kate "twin"! Heidi Agan has been impersonating the duchess professionally since May 2012, when customers at the restaurant she worked at kept telling her she looked like Kate.

Check out the vid to see the Kate look-a-likes for yourself!

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