Kat Dennings’s Dinner With Drake Sets Fans Off

Sarah Flanigan
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Kat Dennings’s Dinner With Drake Sets Fans Off

"2 Broke Girls" star Kat Dennings went on "Chelsea Lately" Monday night and dished about what happened when rapper Drake tweeted to her a while back. She also revealed that his fans were much less than thrilled.

She said, "When I got home I had like 50,000 new followers out of nowhere, and then I looked at my adds and they were like, '****You Kat Dennings' like, 'You can't take Drake from me, he's mine.' I was like, I'm not trying to take Drake from you."

The brunette bombshell admitted she met Drake when she was just 19 while she was shooting an indie film in Toronto, and when she finally caught on to what happened on Twitter, they sparked a social media friendship and ended up going to dinner.

While this is the first time the actress has talked about Drake openly in an interview, the rapper has mentioned her in the past. In October 2011, Drake told Elle magazine about his birthday plans and the one special lady he hoped would attend! "I'm gonna invite Kat Dennings. I'm in love with her. She’s really funny. But I think she’s dating someone," he said.

Check out this vid to see how the dinner went for Kat and Drake.

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