JWoww’s Educated Gift to Snooki’s Little Lorenzo

Sarah Flanigan
omg! Celeb News

Snooki's little Lorenzo may only be seven months old, but it looks like he'll be fist-pumping his way to college some day, thanks to his Godmother JWoww! The brunette bombshell revealed to MTV News that she's already started to throw some cash towards his college fund.

"I think I'll be a pretty good god mommy," she said. "I already started Lorenzo's college tuition. That was his present from me. So even though I hope he gets a scholarship [because] I'd rather buy him a car than have to pay for college, I think he'll do good. I think he'll earn a wrestling scholarship."

While this news may come as a surprise, education is actually something the racy reality star takes very seriously. The 27-year-old MTV darling already has two degrees under her belt — one for computer programming and another in graphic design. Guess Lorenzo will have a whole new meaning to GTL when he grows up — "Get to Learning!"

Watch the video to find out what else JWoww had to say about our favorite baby meatball.

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