Justin Bieber Still Hasn’t Picked Up His Monkey From Germany

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It looks like the relationship is really over for Justin Bieber.

No, we're not talking about the one between the Biebs and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez — although things don't look good for that one, either — but rather his short but sweet friendship with a young Capuchin monkey. The animal was given to Bieber for his 19th birthday last month by record producer Jamal Rashid, but was separated from the pop star on Thursday when Bieber attempted to bring the monkey into Germany without the proper paperwork. The monkey, named Mally, was confiscated at Franz Josef Strauss Airport, and then taken to a Munich shelter.

Bieber, who continued his international tour after losing Mally, has not contacted authorities about his former pet, according to Karl-Heinz Joachim, the director of the shelter where Mally is being held.

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"If the monkey is not picked up, then we will give him away," he tells Germany's Spiegel Online. "We have already received inquiries from various zoos in the UK and Holland, who would be willing to accept him. We will not be giving him away to a private owner."

For now, Mally is enjoying "a well-earned rest," according to a post on the shelter's website. The script is all in German, of course, but it appears to say that the 14-week-old monkey never should have been separated from her mother so soon.

As for Bieber? The Canadian crooner has been busy tweeting about his mom Pattie Mallette's birthday, his nomination for Billboard's fan-voted Milestone Award, and how awesome his Beliebers have been in Germany … with no mention of Mally.

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