Justin Bieber’s Massive Tattoo Collection Just Got Even Bigger

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Hmmm — it's just so hard to tell: Do you think Justin Bieber likes tattoos?

Duh is the answer to our own silly question as a new photo of the mop bucket-loving "Boyfriend" singer, which was taken in NYC on Thursday, shows that he now has a full sleeve tattoo on his left arm.

While some tattoo aficionados spend their entire lives artfully crafting the perfect sleeve, Bieber, at the ripe old age of, um, 19 has already done it. Though it's up for debate as to whether as exactly how perfect it is ... the giant tat of his mother's eyeball has some people a little weirded out.

Getting tattoos is a family tradition for Selena Gomez's maybe boyfriend. His father, Jeremy, is covered in ink, too. (He seems to be working on a sleeve on the same arm as this vintage photo shows.) And it was the senior Bieber who took the young pop star to get his first one at the tender age of 16. He got a small outline of a bird on his left hip — apparently it's a rite of passage for the Bieber clan. Both his dad and uncle have the same one.

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Bieber has since gone bigger and bolder with his body art, which adorn his torso and left leg. He has a potpourri of eclectic designs from Jesus Christ to the logo of the Stratford Cullitons, a Canadian junior hockey team.

He also gave someone a tattoo. In March, photos surfaced of Bieber permanently inking Bang Bang at the famed tattoo artist's New York City parlor. He etched a tattoo of a muscular mouse — with six-pack abs, of course — onto Bang Bang's leg. Next to it, he wrote the word Swaggy, which is apparently the name of his signature cartoon character.

With all this experience, Bieber could have a second career when his run as a teen star inevitably ends. The jury is out as to exactly when that will be…

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