Justin Bieber Instagrams His Way Back to Family Friendly Image

Jeremy Blacklow
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Nothing works to rehab your image quite like posting pics with furry animals, old people, or cute kids, and Justin Bieber took care of the third option this weekend.

After a rough start to 2013, embroiled in scandal over pics of the 19-year-old singer allegedly smoking pot and multiple accidents (one even fatal!) involving his seemingly cursed cars, Bieber was back on Instagram this weekend posting pics of himself with various members of his family on vacation, basically all looking as adorable as possible.

The jewel in this weekend’s crown is clearly a pic captioned “Familytime” with the Biebs holding precious half-siblings Jaxon and Jazmyn upside down, one in each of his arms.

In another pic, Bieber lovingly cradles his younger half-brother, alongside the caption, “Put my bro to sleep (with a chokehold) last night, JK he fell asleep in my arms but sometimes big bros gotta put their Lil bros in headlocks.”

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Other pics include a pic of Bieber with his mom, Patty Mallette, and a pic of him holding Jaxson saying, “Me and spiderman”. Check out all of the family vaca pics on on his Instagram home page.

In other Bieber news, the ongoing feud between Biebs and The Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney elevated to the next level this weekend when Carney semi-stole Bieber’s identity for his own personal Twitter page, making several dozen posts representing himself as Bieber (he has since changed his profile back). The bizarre rant started on Saturday and continued into Sunday, earning the wrath of many Bieber fans.

Bieber kicks off the European leg of his “Believe” tour tonight at the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland.

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