Justin Bieber Drops Revealing New Song About Selena Gomez

Taryn Ryder
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It’s time to play analyze that lyric, Justin Bieber edition.

The 18-year-old’s “Believe Acoustic” album dropped today which features the song “Nothing Like Us,” a ballad Bieber revealed is indeed about his break up with Selena Gomez.

After listening to the track Justin Bieber gets one thing across perfectly clear: he is really sad! Also, when examining the lyrics it seems like Selena Gomez was to blame (at least in his mind) for why they split for good. The “Boyfriend” singer does nothing to squash rumors that Gomez, 20, has been partying a lot lately.

“I gave you everything baby/everything I had to give/girl why would you push me away?” Bieber sings in the second verse. “You know I'm used to making your day/but that is the past now/we didn't last now/I guess that this is meant to be.”

Sounds like this on-off couple is off for good.

“Tell me, was it worth it/We were so perfect/But baby I just want you to see,” Bieber croons before going into the chorus: “There's nothing like us/There's nothing like you and me/Together through the storms/There's nothing like us.”

The only subtle dig that Justin Bieber throws at his ex is in the beginning of the song:

“Have you been drinkin'/To take all the pain away/I wish that I could give you what you deserve.”

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Gomez gave an interview at a Golden Globes after-party that had many websites speculating she was drunk. Doesn’t sound like Bieber’s lyrics are going to help her case there.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the song seems to be that the Biebs is just plain bummed out! He follows up the drinking bomb with this:

“'Cuz nothing can ever/Ever replace you/Nothing can make me feel like you do/You'd know there's no one/I can relate to/I know we won't find a love that's so true.”

Still, Bieber hasn’t been so distraught that it has interfered with his ability to have fun. In Miami on Monday, the tattooed star flashed his abs for photographers and may or may not have accidentally groped a fan at a meet and greet after his concert in Florida.

Take that, Selena Gomez?

Listen to the full song below and tell us in our poll what you think of the breakup tune.

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