Justin Bieber Driving Drama Builds While He Kicks Back at Hockey Game

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When the going gets tough, teen stars … hide in their mansions. That's today's lesson from Justin Bieber, whose latest run-in with his neighbors seems to be escalating from bad to worse as more details emerge.

Earlier this week, residents of Calabasas, California, a family-oriented community just north of Los Angeles, called the authorities on the pop star (again) for allegedly speeding his white Ferrari through a 25 mph zone. Among the witnesses was Keyshawn Johnson, who happened to be outside with his 3-year-old daughter when Bieber flew by.

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According to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore, Johnson admitted that he was not happy with the zooming sports car — or its driver — prompting him to hop in his Prius and follow Bieber, 19, to his house. (Yes, a Prius chased down a Ferrari.)

Whitmore told the Associated Press that when the former NFL star got out of his eco-conscious car at Bieber's home, the teen idol was already closing his garage door. Obviously, Johnson simply stuck out his ripped arm and stopped it as he explained he wanted to talk about Bieber's unsafe driving. However, rather than talk it out, Bieber did what any teenage boy would do: He ran inside his house and refused to come out.

Though Johnson never did get to hash things out with Bieber, he did make a statement to the deputies, who showed up at the Canadian crooner's house to follow up his complaint as well as another neighbor's. However, Whitmore noted that officers were also unable to get face time with Bieber, noting, "His security detail said he declined to talk to us based on the advice of counsel."

The incident is still under investigation and deputies plan to send a reckless driving report to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office to consider filing misdemeanor charges in the next few weeks. As of now, Johnson has declined to publicly comment, even via ESPN, where he currently works as a commentator.

While this scuffle is just the latest in Bieber's string of missteps, which include everything from potentially assaulting a neighbor to trying to smuggle his pet monkey into Germany, one person's got the singer's back: his good friend Usher. During an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Wednesday, Usher defended his young protégé, explaining, "He's a teenager having to live his life in front of the camera."

For his part, Bieber has seemed pretty unconcerned with the possible legal charges, tweeting a photo of himself looking happier than ever as he watched the Los Angeles Kings face off with the San Jose Sharks during the NHL playoffs on Tuesday. No word yet on whether he drove himself.

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