Julianne Hough: Josh Duhamel Will Be a ‘Great’ Dad

Taryn Ryder
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While Josh Duhamel continues to play coy on those pregnancy rumors about his wife Fergie, at least one person thinks he’ll make a wonderful dad someday: his “Safe Haven” costar Julianne Hough!

“He will absolutely be a great dad,” Hough told omg! at a preview event for her Sole Society shoe line. “The way he is with the kids in the movie, that’s how he is everyday. He was so great with them off set too.”

“It kind of sucks for every girl out there that has a crush on him — meaning all my sisters, my mom, me — to know that he’s even more beautiful on the inside,” Hough continued. “And how much he loves his wife — they are really cute!”

Duhamel and Hough star together in Nicholas Sparks’ latest film adaptation and Hough told us she “obviously” felt pressure for their onscreen kiss to live up to that of “The Notebook.”

“I remember watching ‘A Walk to Remember,’ and seeing that movie, I wanted to date Shane West! And who doesn’t love ‘The Notebook?’” she smiled.

Fergie and Duhamel aren’t the only uber-famous couple that Hough has been hanging out with recently. She and boyfriend Ryan Seacrest recently had a fun night out with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux!

“It was Ellen [DeGeneres] and Portia’s (de Rossi’s) birthday party,” Hough revealed to omg! about the infamous rendezvous that led to her and Justin having a dance off.

“I had just done press so I was in a tight little skirt. I don’t even know what happened. We were dancing and I split my skirt a little bit, and Justin was like, ‘I’m going to do some breakdancing.’ I was like, ‘Oh you want to breakdance? Let’s do this!’ So, we had a breakdance battle,” she said laughing. “I was like, ‘Someone get me some pants!’ Portia was running around the party trying to find me pants and she eventually did. I put them on and we just went after it! It was pretty fun.”

“Jen [Aniston] and Ryan [Seacrest] were just watching us like, ‘What is happening?’” added the “Dancing with the Stars” alum.

When Hough isn’t moonlighting as a breakdancer she has been very busy collaborating with Sole Society.

“To me the thing that seemed most organic going into the design world was starting with my feet where it all started with dance,” Hough told omg! about her latest project. “Sole Society is great. They are very fashion forward and are in a price range that is affordable and not too far-fetched. I love that. Just because I’m in this business doesn’t mean I want to pay $1,000 for shoes!”

So, would Seacrest’s main squeeze venture even farther into the design world?

“I think if I did something like that it would be more in the lifestyle way and making it somehow like a fitness, lounge line like that, because that’s who I am,” Hough responded. “Most of the time, I am wearing dance clothes! That’s what I would want to give somebody.”

Check out Hough’s Sole Society line at Nordstrom and “Safe Haven” hits theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day on February 14!

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