Josh Duhamel: ‘There’s Something About Me and Kids That Just Click’

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February 20, 2013

After weeks of rumors, Josh Duhamel and his pop star wife of four years, Fergie, have finally announced the happy news: They’re pregnant!

The 40-year-old actor is currently on the road promoting his latest project, “Safe Haven,” but he dished to omg! U.K. that baby thoughts are still his number one focus.

“It's very exciting!” Duhamel told omg! at a London press junket. “Seeing that ultrasound is like unlike anything you've ever seen. Unless you've had one yourself. You're like, 'Wow it's mine.’”

However, playing dad is nothing new for the North Dakota native. In “Safe Haven” – an adaptation from the book by Nicholas Sparks – he plays a doting father, and in 2010 he starred opposite Katherine Heigl in the comedy, “Life As We Know It,” about two godparents who are forced to raise a child together.

"I think that I've always had an affinity for kids and there's something about me and kids that just click,” he shared. "I don't know if it's because I am a kid, but it does prepare you whenever you're around them. I've got nieces and nephews and all my friends have kids.”

Clearly, Duhamel is getting plenty of practice. But will he and Fergie be ready when baby makes three?

"All that stuff is a learning experience for when it actually happens, but I don't think you're ever truly prepared until it's your own," he admitted.

We’re pretty sure that when the time comes, Duhamel will have no problem slipping into his new role as a dad. Until then, we’ll be counting down the days until we start seeing some “hot guy with a baby” pics of the handsome actor!

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