Josh Duhamel and Jimmy Fallon Battle in Sexy Dance-Off

Sarah Flanigan
omg! Celeb News

Josh Duhamel appeared on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Tuesday night to promote his latest film "Safe Haven" but he ended up getting into a dance-off and a scooter race! First the two began talking about their dance moves and decided they might as well show, not tell. The result looked like a combination between "Magic Mike" and a "Saturday Night Live" sketch.

Later in their chat, Josh didn't mention much about wife Fergie, but, he did say that he had recently dressed up as other pop stars like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.By the end of the interview, Jimmy made sure to get some serious play time in with Josh (because the dancing wasn't serious enough). When the host offered up a "good, old-fashioned cooler scooter race," the actor just couldn't resist... especially when it came with fully-loaded beer helmets.

Check out the vid to find out who won the race and to see why Josh was photographed dressed up as Katy Perry. For more entertainment news, don't forget to tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight! You won't want to miss it.
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