Josh Brolin and Diane Lane Split After Eight Years of Marriage

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After eight years of marriage, actors Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are calling it quits.

“Diane Lane and Josh Brolin have decided to end their marriage,” a spokesperson for the couple told omg!. A source added that the split is “amicable” and there is “no villain.”

Us Weekly first reported the news.

Though Brolin has two children, ages 18 and 24 from his previous marriage to Alice Adair and Lane is mother to a 19-year-old daughter from her first marriage to actor Christopher Lambert, the couple did not have any children together.

“My relationship with my wife is fantastic," Brolin said in a 2010 interview with Playboy.

But the couple had trouble shaking off an incident that happened a few months after the two were first married in 2004, when Brolin was arrested after police were called to the house when the couple was arguing.

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Despite the fact he was never charged with a crime, the incident plagued Brolin over the years, something he’s publicly said has frustrated him and Lane, who later said through a spokesperson that the argument that was the impetus for the arrest never went beyond words and was a “misunderstanding.”

"I talked big, she said 'F*** you' and called the cops, and somebody had to go to jail. This will be there for the rest of my life. That f***ing sucks. It's been so disruptive to our lives,” The “No Country for Old Men” star told Playboy in 2010. “It's also post-O.J., and that horrifies us both. It kills me, man. It kills me."

Brolin found himself making unwanted headlines twice more over the years, once in 2008 when he was arrested along with “W.” co-star Jeffrey Wright after a bar fight broke out near where he was shooting in Louisiana and again last New Year’s Eve when he was picked up in Santa Monica, California, for public intoxication.

As for the 2008 incident, Brolin insisted the whole thing was unfair. “It was nice to be in jail knowing that I hadn’t done anything wrong,” Brolin told W magazine. “And it was maddening to be in jail knowing that I hadn’t done anything wrong.”

But he let the more New Year’s Eve arrest roll off his back. "New Year's – that's what happened. I'm the one guy who's out there, and they go, 'Hey, there's Josh. Let's grab him,’” he said in a jovial “Good Morning America” interview last month. “You know, it was New Year's. It was a pretty innocent thing. It was a fun thing."

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In addition to show business, Lane and Brolin had parenting in common. “My thing was always, ‘Stay away, I have a young kid,’” she recounted to Ladies’ Home Journal of first meeting her future husband in 2002. “And [Josh] was like, ‘Oh, yeah? Well, so do I.’ It was like, ‘Oh, okay. Come on in.’”

In a 2008 Redbook interview, the “Secretariat” star also gushed about the couple’s tag-team parenting approach: “We're a good team. When an issue comes up, we look at each other sometimes as if to say, ‘Do you want to take this one?’ ‘No, you take it.’ ‘No, you take it.’ Both of us are very active parents, as far as making meals and being chauffeurs and just being there, though he tends to be a little more strict … I can roll with a lot of 'tude from the young'uns. Josh, no way! He's much more comfortable being unpopular than I am.”

Though Lane and Brolin’s marriage may not have been able to last for the long haul, Brolin’s famous dad, fellow actor James Brolin, 72, has been wed to 70-year-old Barbra Streisand since 1998, a late-in-life relationship Josh has said he admires. "The fact that he got together with her and found this solace is such a coup and so wonderful," he told Playboy of his dad and stepmother, adding: “I love her and I love what they've created together. I say thank God for her."

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