Josh Brolin and Diane Lane Divorced Finalized After a Lengthy Separation

Elizabeth Durand Streisand

All's well that ends well — in Hollywood at least. Married since 2004, Josh Brolin and Diane Lane have officially finalized their divorce, though it has been a bit of a process … one much longer than it seemed.

While the 48-year-old Lane has had a rather impressive and stable Hollywood career, Brolin has garnered a reputation as somewhat of a bad boy. The "Gangster Squad" star was arrested back in 2008 for a drunken bar fight in Shreveport, Louisiana, and again on January 1, 2013 for public intoxication in Santa Monica, California. Also, though he wasn't technically arrested, he had yet another scuffle — caught on camera, of course — just last month, when he tried (unsuccessfully) to throw down a bouncer at O'Brien's Irish Pub in Los Angeles. And those are just the highlights of what has been a rather turbulent few years.

In December 2012, the couple made their final public appearance together at the premiere of "The Guilt Trip," which starred Josh's step-mother, Barbra Streisand (who happens to be married to Josh's dad, James Brolin, just ICYMI).

Still, it's a bit surprising that while the stars announced their separation in February 2013, court documents reveal that they had technically separated a full year earlier, in February 2012 — long before Brolin's most recent string of… err… poor choices and several of their cozy-looking red carpet appearances.

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As their eight years of marriage officially comes to an end, 45-year-old Brolin remains in self-imposed rehab, which he entered in late November as he swore off alcohol for good.

For her part, the "Man of Steel" actress, who had formally changed her name to Diane Lane Brolin, will drop Josh's surname and return to simply Diane Lane. (Which is fine by us, because we never called her Diane Lane Brolin anyway.)

In addition, the Hollywood power players seemingly have agreed to skip spousal support on either side and have no children together, making this a rather clean break.

Hopefully, with this behind him, Josh can focus on getting (and staying) sober while Diane wraps up her latest action flick, "Batman vs. Superman."