Josh Brolin: I'm Pretty Scary When I Have a Goatee

Rebecca Zamer
Yahoo CelebrityMarch 13, 2014

Josh Brolin's appearance looks quite different in the film "Labor Day," where he plays Frank, an escaped convict. The actor sports a goatee in the new flick and revealed to The Guardian that he fought with the producers until they permitted him to grow the facial hair.

"For some reason, my face, when I have a goatee, is pretty f------ scary," he admitted. "Even just in my life, I can see how it affects people."

The "No Country for Old Men" star explained that before he began going through the process of having his tattoos removed when he was 31 years old, people seemed unsettled by his looks.

"I don't have tattoos anymore. I used to have a lot of tattoos. And I remember being in business meetings with these dumb jailhouse tattoos and I would see how people reacted," Josh, now 46, noted. "They were always very freaked out."

He has certainly changed his image, and we're excited to see his performance in "Labor Day." Check out this video to learn the reason behind his tattoos, and tune in to "The Insider" on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.