Jordin Sparks Remembers Whitney Houston

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As the anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death looms over Grammys weekend, many stars are remembering the late singer.

"omg! Insider’s" Nina Parker met up Thursday with Houston’s “Sparkle” costar Jordin Sparks, who revealed how hard it was to grieve privately during the relentless media coverage of Whitney’s death.

“If I'm going to be completely honest, I was completely devastated,” Sparks said about trying to maintain a classy disposition when speaking about Houston. “I had nothing to say, there were no words. But it was really scary because as soon as it happened I just remember my publicist, she got two phones, they just started going off and it was everybody calling to ask me, to talk and I had just found out.”

The incident left Sparks speechless.

“I didn't even have time to process it and I was like, ‘I have nothing to say, it's not my place to say anything,' and maybe if I feel a little better and it's in the right place at the right time, then maybe I'll do that.”

“Sparkle” came out several months later, in August. It was Houston’s final film.

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Sparks performed Thursday night at the 2nd Annual “For the Love of R&B - A Tribute to Whitney Houston” event. This was Houston’s final performance last year before she passed away. So, how did the “American Idol” champ channel all that emotion?

OK, so little story,” Sparks tells Parker. “Whitney and I did the song ‘Celebrate’ together and last year she recorded it [exactly a year ago].”

“She recorded her part and then she passed, and the weekend went by,” she recalled. “And the following Tuesday I had to be in the exact same room that she recorded it in and finish my part for the duet. I haven't told anybody that, so, you got the first.”

“It was really crazy, I was in there, hearing her part just [as she] recording it,” revealed the singer. “It was just this really weird out of body experience and so to be here, to be able to be standing, where she was, like the last time we heard her voice live. I wasn't here, I wish I could have been here, but the people in this room got to hear her live. It's kind of like a sacred stage.”

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