Johnny Depp’s Boy Band Surprise for Daughter

Hallie Stephens
Johnny Depp’s Boy Band Surprise for Daughter

Johnny Depp may just win dad of the year! Depp invited Zayn Malik from One Direction to his recording studio and home on Monday, because his daughter is the band's No. 1 fan. Also in attendance was Alexander DeLeon, lead singer of the band The Cab, who shared a pic of the visit on Instagram, captioning the moment with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, "pirate lessons from the one and only. Thanks for having us, mr. depp."

But this isn't the first time Depp has talked about his daughter's love of the band. Back in July, the megastar told Jimmy Kimmel how he arranged for his daughter to see the boy band on another talk show, and then the band followed the two of them back to their house, "to say, 'hi.'"

Check out the vid to see how Zayn and Alex's pirate obsession came full circle!

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