John Oliver Chokes Up on Last Day at ‘The Daily Show’

Sarah Flanigan
John Oliver Chokes Up on Last Day at ‘The Daily Show’

John Oliver bid a tearful goodbye on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” Thursday night, after seven-and-a-half years as the shows senior British correspondent.

The comedian — moving on to great things — recently signed a deal to host his own show on HBO, and he couldn't help but turn on the waterworks on his last day.

The moment came after Jon pulled together a few of his favorite clips of his colleague over the years, including some hilarious stunts, interviews, and most outrageous moments.
With each clip better than the next, Jon found a way to make his funny friend's sendoff one for the ages.

"There's only one British royal I care about tonight, and his name is Prince John Oliver," Stewart said. "What I loved about what John brought to us was a broad range of characters from different backgrounds."

Check out this video to see John's emotional farewell, and tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for more of the latest in entertainment news.

To watch the full clip, check out Yahoo screen.