Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville’s Feud Heats Up

Taryn Ryder

It's housewives vs. housewife drama that hasn't been scripted by Bravo!

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville is facing backlash after she accused Joanna Krupa (from the Miami franchise) of sleeping with Mohamid Hadid while he was married to Yolanda Foster. Did you get all that?

"I have endured so many hits from Brandi Glanville over the last few months," Lisa Vanderpump — who was chummy with Brandi last season — tells Us Weekly. "I'm not going to involve myself in a public slanging match. However, when she says something so egregious about my friend Mohamid Hadid — and it's gone everywhere — I don't appreciate it at all."

On "Watch What Happens Live" Monday, Glanville, 40, not only accused Joanna — who wed businessman Romain Zago in June — of carrying on an affair, but for doing so in an extremely vulgar way.

"Well, Mohamed did tell me that her p---y smelled," Brandi exclaimed. "It's true! I'm not lying! And Lisa Vanderpump was there when he said it. Sorry, b---h. I win!"

"Mohamid Hadid is a man of integrity, he's a gentleman. When she opens her mouth, whatever she says, her remarks have repercussions. Actions have consequences," Vanderpump responded, calling Glanville's claims "erroneous."

"What I am commenting on is that she said my friend would say something so distasteful, so disgusting — and the consequence is it affects him, his ex-wife, and his children," continued Lisa. "It's embarrassing and that man would never say that."

Former RHOBH star Taylor Armstrong also got in on the Brandi bashing action.

Brandi can't keep her f--king trashy mouth shut," she remarked. "Who talks about another woman's vagina? It's so gross and so classless and it's pretty consistent with how she is."

However, Joanna had decided to express her feelings about the matter through fashion.

The 34-year-old was photographed wearing a "Team Rimes" T-shirt this week. In addition, Joanna tweeted on Monday, "No wonder her husband left her," referencing LeAnn's infamous affair with Brandi's then-husband, Eddie Cibrian.

Krupa also made headlines this week after she opened up about her past eating disorder.

"I gained weight and struggled to lose it quickly in order to pursue my dreams of being a model," she told People. "Being 20 years old, I had no idea how to lose weight fast and laxatives were an easy way out … thank God I didn't hurt myself and stopped."

In not-so-shocking news: Brandi hasn't tweeted any words of encouragement to Joanna.