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Jessica Alba’s Tearing Up Instagram With Her Street Fighter Obsession

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May 16, 2013
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Practice makes perfect. Jessica Alba's really taken these words to heart as she works on her Street Fighter moves.

The actress has been posting Hadouken photos to her Instagram account since early April.

Inspired by Japanese schoolgirls, the meme features people posing for photos as if they were carrying out special-effect attacks on opponents in a video game.

Jess's most successful effort was posted April 13 and features the Honest entrepreneur engaged in a virtual battle with her husband, Cash Warren.

"What u know 'bout #HADOKEN -full credit goes 2 @cash_warren & @justincoit," she wrote, referencing professional photographer Justin Coit.

She's posted four more Hadouken since then (all on May 14) with varying degrees of success. Check them out below ...

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Jess went with a Fist of God move to vanquish her "homegirlz." Better lighting and a faster shutter speed would have helped keep her friends in focus.

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This photo's so blurry, Jess is indistinguishable. So, we ask, what's the point?

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Jess gets hit with a virtual ball of lightning but Instagram's square crop almost cuts her out of the shot.

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Meet Jess' coworkers at Honest. Not bad as far as corporate Hadouken go but these folks need to work on their facial expressions (show us anguish!) and energy levels (jump higher!).

Ultimately, you have to admire the lengths Jess is going to for this photo trend — roping in family, friends and co-workers to make Hadouken happen.

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Maybe some special effects — like the energy rays in this Flickr user's photo — could help Jessica seal the deal the next time she really wants to crush her enemies.

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