Jennifer Love Hewitt: My Grandma’s Nickname for Me Is ‘Little TV Ho’

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Jennifer Love Hewitt's grandmother has a nickname for her that is unique, to say the least.

The 34-year-old appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Friday to chat with the talk show host and guest host Matthew Perry about playing a hooker with a heart on "The Client List."

When DeGeneres asked if it was true that Hewitt's grandmother is a fan of the Lifetime series -- in which the actress is routinely donning barely-there negligées, as necessitated for her character's profession -- the actress confirmed it was true.

"She likes it," Hewitt confirmed. "She ignores the parts that she doesn't like and pretends like they are not happening."

And grandma has a special term of endearment, if you can call it that, that she has for Hewitt because of the racy role.

"She calls me her 'little TV ho," Hewitt laughed. "And, she thinks that's really funny. But she does it out loud to people. She'll be like, 'This is my 'little TV ho.' … I'm like, 'Grandma, Not out loud. On the phone with me, family joke, funny. Not out loud in the mall or the restaurant.' She gets a kick out of it."

Meanwhile, Perry seemed to get a kick out of Hewitt's outfit … or something along those lines. The "Go On" star was tongue-tied over Hewitt's little black dress, which allowed her to flaunt her famous -- perhaps insured -- breasts.

After DeGeneres asked if Hewitt had been sewn into the curve-hugging getup, Perry seemed to get flustered having to sit across from the sexy star.

"You’re going to have to handle most of this [interview]," he told DeGeneres, adding, "Whenever this happens ... I overcompensate. I always look five feet above the head. [Looking up] 'Oh, nice to see you, too.'"

Hewitt didn't seem to mind the attention, telling Perry she was "very excited" he was a co-host, and gushing, "I'm a big fan of yours."

Clearly the feeling was mutual.

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