Jennifer Hudson Tackles New Album, Talks Parenthood and Weight Loss

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Jennifer Hudson was seeking fame when she kicked off her career as a contestant on "American Idol," but the 31-year-old still hasn't gotten used to raising her 3-year-old son, David Otunga Jr., under the bright lights of Hollywood.

"He had a passport and an Oscar pass at 18 months – I mean, this is crazy!" she told omg! at an event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Weight Watchers and founder Jean Nidetch. "He's an industry baby. I realize that he is growing up in a completely different way than anyone in our family. I am like, wow, how do we deal with this?"

Despite JHud's hectic schedule, which included performances at the presidential inauguration, the Oscars, and the Super Bowl this year, she keeps things surprisingly normal for her little man. "David does not care if Mommy worked an 18-hour day. He wants Mommy," she shared. "That's what is required of me and so I try to give him every bit of my all."

The Oscar winner notes that her son with fiancé of four years, WWE star David Otunga, also loves to travel and enjoys being on the go. He frequently visits her on movie sets, and recently hit the premiere of "The Call" with his dad. Hudson often documents their mother-son adventures on her Instagram, with captions like, "Awh my munch just came to visit mommy just in time for lunch! Great treat in between filming," and "I had the hottest date last night! He was sooo cute! Even took me out for ice cream."

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But like most parents, she feels that her baby is growing up too fast. "He's getting older and he's going to be going to school soon and I am like … god I am not ready," she laughed. "I want to be there. I want to be the mom who gets up and fixes breakfast, takes him to school, and picks him up."

The Chicago-bred Hudson will probably be the hottest mom on the PTA, too, especially since shedding 80-plus pounds with Weight Watchers. Her body transformation has been so dramatic, that she’s commanded Tinseltown's attention with her fabulous figure. "At one time, I wasn't that girl,” she admitted. "It is a complete 360 [degrees] to not be that healthy figure and then to turn around and be like, 'Oh my god. I am that figure. I am that idol of fitness.' People are always saying, 'I wanna get my JHud on.'"

Still, she's surprised by all the interest in her body transformation because making the healthy change was such a personal journey for her. "Weight loss is personal. You won't succeed without that or you won't be able to keep it off, because it has to be something to please yourself."

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In addition to showcasing her fab physique, the "I Got This" songbird is back in the studio working on a new album, which will be a post-weight loss debut of sorts. "My first album had a lot of controversy about the cover because they made me look so tiny and everyone was like, 'She doesn't look like that, she's not that small.'"

But Hudson has a plan to take on the critics. As one of the producers on her third album, she says she's considering recreating the same cover art from 2008’s Jennifer Hudson to show just how far she's come, adding that she wants to re-introduce herself. "I am loving the process this time around," she said. "I am in the producer's chair. I am very hands-on in every way you can imagine from lyrics to music to producing."

You go, JHud!

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