Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding: 5 Things to Expect When She Marries Justin Theroux

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Psst … did you hear that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are getting ready to say “I do”? Silly us – of course you did. But other than a vague report that the wedding will be “soon,” little is known about what the superstar has up her sleeve for her second trip down the aisle.

Because we are as excited as the parents of the bride would be over the actress’s big day (Jen, call us – we could be there at a moment’s notice!), we turned to a celebrity wedding expert to help paint a pretty picture of what the star’s nuptials might be like. The Bridal Bar founder Harmony Walton – who has worked on weddings for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, among many others – tells omg! the tips she’d share with the future Mrs. Theroux, as well as what to expect when Jentin’s (AnisTheroux’s?) special day arrives.

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1. Expect It to Be Different: Very different. “I would tell her to do the opposite of what she did the first time,” says Walton referring to Jen’s 2000 wedding to Brad Pitt, which took place on a Malibu, California, bluff and featured 200 guests, 50,000 flowers, four bands, a gospel choir, and fireworks. “Obviously she’s gotten a little older so her tastes and values have evolved, so she should put an emphasis on the new things that she and her fiancé love that will differentiate this wedding from the last wedding as much as possible. It’s never fun having your guests comparing your two weddings, and, in this case, it would be not only guests, but the media as well.”

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2. There Will Likely Be Color: “Regardless of whether she opts for a destination wedding or goes with an in-town event, at second weddings, the dresses tend to be a little more subdued and not such princess ball gowns. Illusion necklines are really popular right now and can be sophisticated on a bride at her age,” Walton says of the 44-year-old star, who wore a white glass-beaded, floor-length, silk-and-satin gown by Lawrence Steele for the first go-round. “That can also include some lace, which is not only on trend but also a way to kick up the romance of a dress when it’s otherwise fairly simple.” And expect some color. “No one has to wear white down the aisle anymore – and certainly not for a second wedding,” she notes. “If she decides she doesn’t want to wear white, she can wear blush tones or pastels, which are really hot in wedding dresses right now. She can wear a peach, coral, or blush pink – all the way into a lavender or a really pale yellow or green if she wants to.” Apparently, green is especially big right now. “Emerald green is the Pantone color of the year, so we’re seeing lots of that. And depending on where she decided to wed, you may see hints of green in the decor.”

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3. The Guest List May Be Short and Sweet: While guests at Jen’s first wedding included Salma Hayek, David Spade, and Kathy Najimy (really!), “There’s no need to rally all the troops for round two,” Walton says. “Plus, the fewer people that know, the less likely news of it is going to get out there.” And the focus will likely be on the family and close friends in attendance. “Second weddings are less about the flash and more about the family. One way you can do that is build multiple events centered on the idea of spending more quality time together. Really design a schedule that focuses on quality time with the guests.” So maybe Jen’s mom will actually be invited this time … she wasn’t in 2000!

4. Gifts May Be Ones That Give Back: What do you buy the couple that has everything? Nothing, because they’ll likely skip a traditional wedding registry and ask for donations instead.Most couples this age already have everything they need for their home, and Jennifer and her fiancé are certainly no exception,” says Walton. “So rather than asking friends and family to purchase kitchen goods for a second time around, this is their chance to spread the love and give back.” Many nonprofit organizations now offer wedding registries – like the Rescue Train’s “Gift of Love,” which allows people to register to save the lives of shelter animals facing euthanasia. “Guests can actually engage with an animal and purchase its safety, which might be something the couple would be interested in as dog lovers.”

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5. The Honeymoon Will Likely Be an Extra-Special Adventure: A fun bonding experience for the high-profile couple would be to go somewhere they’ve never been before (sorry, Cabo!) – and that can’t easily be tracked down. “Obviously they’ve traveled the world together, so one way to make it special is to go somewhere neither of them have been to, to experience it together for the first time. That way they have a clean plate of brand-new memories there,” Walton explains. “And, as a bonus, it keeps paparazzi off their trail because everyone is speculating about places that she loves that they might go to.” So, where might they travel that they could fly under the radar? “She could follow in the royals’ footsteps and go to the Seychelles, which is pretty secluded – or even a private island. I would recommend places where fewer Americans go, because media now relies on individual users' Facebook updates and tweets to track down celebrities. So I would avoid places like Mexico, Hawaii, and Costa Rica just for keeping it under wraps.”

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And, who knows? Passports may be necessities for the guests as well. With the couple’s 8,500-square-foot Bel-Air, California, home in the middle of renovations – they’re expanding to make the mansion a whopping 12,695-square-feet – a destination wedding seems a likely option and will help keep away prying eyes. And choppers filled with paparazzi.

It’s not as appropriate to do the big lavish tented firework wedding, which she did the first time around,” adds Walton. “So something totally different, but still a really quality experience, would be a destination wedding, where you’re still spending a lot of money on each guest, but on different elements. You’re spending it on travel, food, and different forms of unique entertainment to that area instead of tents, flowers, and fireworks.”

Again, Jen, call us. It sounds so amazing. We’re jealous we won’t be there.

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