Jay-Z Reveals He Wants a Basketball Team of Babies

Hallie Stephens
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Jay-Z Reveals He Wants a Basketball Team of Babies

Jay-Z and Beyoncé welcomed daughter Blue Ivy into the world in early 2012, but they’re already talking about expanding the family. In an interview on Tuesday in New York with HOT97, the rapper was asked if he wants to have more kids with his wife of five years to which he replied, “absolutely.”

But Hova didn’t stop talking about his baby plans there. The 43-year-old continued saying, “God willing, yeah -- get a little basketball team going." And when host Angie Martinez teased that he could be "their agent and their dad at the same time," Jay-Z laughed it off saying, "Exactly - it's all a part of the elaborate plan."

With mega-star parents like Jay and Queen B, we have a feeling H to the Izzo's team would be unstoppable! Check out the vid to hear Jay-Z expand on expanding the family with more bundles of joy.

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