Jay Z Gets Out-Rapped by 12-Year-Old at His Own Concert

Sarah Flanigan
Yahoo Celebrity

Jay Z has mastered the rap game, but one 12-year-old boy gave him a run for his money on Sunday night during his "Holy Grail" concert in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The rapper spotted Maryland native Justin in the crowd, holding a sign that read, "Can I rap for you?" Jay Z brought the teen onstage. While Justin was certainly awestruck by Jay Z, he didn't let the moment get to him and managed to belt out a clean, a cappalla version of "Clique" to his best ability — and it's safe to say that he has a lot of ability.

The boy was certainly nervous when he got onstage, but as soon as Justin began the lyrics, he got right into character and belted out Jay Z's verse to the hit song. "Yeah I'm talking Ye, yeah I'm talking Rih, yeah I'm talking Bey," the 12-year-old rapped.

While Justin was ready to keep going, Jay Z cut in, requesting that he skip the drug dealing part because it wasn’t age appropriate and "get back to the numbers." Of course Justin was happy to do so and continued rapping and clearly impressing Jay Z.

Once Justin was finished the song, Jay Z smiled and said, “Yes, you can. Just because of the nerve.” Amidst all the applauds for the 12-year-old, the HOV then let the crowd in on what he was just talking about. “After all that, he said, ‘Can I meet you backstage?’”

Check out this video to see Justin's onstage version of "Clique," and be sure to tune in tonight to "The Insider" on TV for the latest in entertainment news.