Jason Trawick’s Post-Britney Spears Makeover

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Jason Trawick may have lost Britney Spears, but it looks like he gained a whole new look.

The former manager, who split from the pop star in early January after a 13-month engagement, hit Hollywood restaurant Aventine on Thursday night… and was rocking a cool makeover. Dressed in a leather biker jacket and boots with his gray hair styled into a Bruno Mars-esque pompadour, Trawick was also sporting a big smile as he rolled up his left sleeve to show off a sizeable tattoo on his forearm. And he stayed out until after 3 a.m.!

The new look is a far cry from how Trawick, 41, appeared at the beginning of his relationship with his former client: overweight and kind of nerdy. Although he did drop quite a few pounds and adopted a hipper wardrobe over the years, this is by far the best he has ever looked!

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While Trawick has been sporting a polished wardrobe, the same can’t necessarily be said for his ex. Spears, 32, has been stepping out in sweats quite a bit lately. But even when she has put on real clothes, it’s been questionable. Last Sunday, she showed up to church in a super short (and very tight) skirt. And the week before that, she walked around L.A. in a teeny-tiny dress… and no bra.

However, Spears has been sporting a smile, despite the fact that those close to her are concerned about her mental state now that she’s single, as omg! has reported. “She is not very stable right now,” says a source. “She’s not doing that great, and there’s a lot happening … she’s working on a new album and is thisclose to inking her deal with Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, so everyone is worried just like they were last time.”

Although Spears and Trawick, who also served as a co-conservator of his former fiancée, were together for three years, she “doesn’t seem like she is all that heartbroken,” adds the source. “It’s almost like she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and it’s very sad.”

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