Lindsay Lohan Plea Deal: ‘It Was Probably Pretty Amusing in Judge’s Chambers’

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To be a fly on the wall!

Before Lindsay Lohan accepted a plea deal on Monday that will send her to “lock down” rehab for 90 days, her legal team and prosecutors spent over two hours in the judge’s chambers hashing out the arrangement that would save her from going on trial … and likely spending time behind bars.

Following the secret meeting, all the parties then convened in Judge James Dabney’s courtroom to make it official. Lohan – who was 48 minutes late to court after taking a last-minute private jet from New York City – sat somberly as she agreed to the terms: in addition to rehab, she must also complete 30 days of community labor and 18 months of psychological counseling in the case involving lying to police following a June 2012 car crash. And because that offense violated her probation, Judge Dabney slapped Lohan with five days in jail, 30 days of community labor, and another 24 months of probation.

What went down in the judge’s chambers? Unfortunately, we’ll probably never really know, but Jane Velez Mitchell, host of her HLN nightly talk show, has her own ideas. “Well, you can just imagine the drama of this situation,” she told “omg! Insider” during an interview that aired on Tuesday.

“LiLo as per usual is late, she’s got to get a private plane to bring her in very dramatic fashion, which is all part of the addict’s behavior pattern … Then her eccentric New York lawyer [Mark Jay Heller] is doing his thing, which is also kind of terminally unique. He had come back with all sorts of alternatives [to jail or rehab] … she was going to speak to kids and who knows what he was offering. He was offering Lindsay Lohan’s services and she was going to help the world in exchange for not having to go to jail. Well obviously this hard-nosed judge did not buy it, but it was probably very amusing in the judge’s chambers because everybody surrounding this case is very, very colorful.”

What else did Velez Mitchell have to say about Lohan’s case? A lot! Here are some of her comments that didn’t make it to air …

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