James Franco Walks in Walt Disney’s Shoes

Matt Donnelly
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As Disney's newest box office golden boy, actor James Franco enjoyed an important rite of passage Thursday: a victory tour through Disneyland.

As "Oz: The Great and Powerful" inches closer to the $200 million mark, we're sure Mickey Mouse and his pals were happy to welcome Franco to the Southern California theme park.

But it wasn't princesses and pirates that piqued Franco's interest, rather studio founder Walt Disney and his history.

The actor took the "Walk in Walt's Footsteps" tour, which offers views of Disney's own private apartment, the members-only eatery Club 33, and a few other classic attractions. (Though the tour was probably free for Franco, average Joes can pay around $88 to walk in Mr. Disney's footsteps and enjoy a private lunch.)

The day culminated in a photo op with Franco and a bronzed statue of Mickey and Walt.

Franco and Disney look a bit alike. Perhaps it's unavoidable when one wizard meets another.

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