James Franco and Ashley Benson Get Cozy at ‘Spring Breakers’ Premiere

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James Franco and Ashley Benson Get Cozy at ‘Spring Breakers’ Premiere

We've all heard whispers of the "Spring Breakers" romance between James Franco and his co-star Ashley Benson. But, Thursday night at the movie's premiere, the volume on that talk definitely went up a notch.

Clad in a navy Gucci suit, Franco worked the red carpet with all of his gorgeous castmates -- including Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens -- but when it came time to go inside the Cinema Dome to screen the Harmony Korine film, he was sure to take a seat right next to the "Pretty Little Liars" actress.

The pair locked arms and laughed in their seats, taking in Franco's portrayal of a Southern rapper bent on wooing Benson's character and her visiting friends.

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When the credits rolled, Gomez and Hudgens made a bee-line for the party bus that would take them to the afterparty at the Emerson Theater. Meanwhile, Benson and Franco appeared to travel alone, although they arrived together through a rear entrance.

Sadly, they went different directions soon after. While Ashley greeted well-wishers and her team, James stuck close to director Korine.

Franco and Benson have been rumored to be sweet on each other since filming, enjoying low-key fun in New York, making that much buzzed-about Justin Bieber parody video, and holding hands as recently as SXSW's promotional stop.

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