Jack Osbourne Spills on ‘Alpha Dogs,’ Defends ‘Fashion Police’

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Before the Kardashians on E! there were the Osbournes on MTV and now Ozzy’s male progeny, Jack Osbourne, is making his way back to the small screen. It just not quite in the way you might expect.

Osbourne is executive producing a 16-part series on National Geographic called “Alpha Dogs” which will take a look inside the world of law enforcement K-9’s. Jack talked with omg! about the show, the status of his health, and even took time to defend sister Kelly’s own show, “Fashion Police.”

Tell us what we can expect from “Alpha Dogs.”
I can honestly say it’s a world that hasn’t really been seen on TV very much. They train the best dogs in the world for law enforcement and military and we were given the most amazing access from Special Forces, from police departments, from various worlds they work in and it’s exciting and cool. It’s seeing dogs do things, and understanding the science behind why they do these things. It’s really fun. It’s fascinating they use these dogs that are smarter than us to a degree.

So, these aren’t dogs you want as pets, then?
I had a dog from them for a while, but when my wife got pregnant she made me send the man eating dog back!

Can’t say I blame her! You have been quite busy — you also have a PSA coming out too?
Yeah, I did a PSA alongside with my mom to raise awareness for MS. It’s a really long, very complex diagnosis. Usually, people won’t get diagnosed with the first outbreak for a while. It takes multiple — that’s where the ‘multiple’ scleroses comes from — checkups. Sometimes by the time people end up going to the doctor there is a lot of damage already done. It’s all about understanding and awareness and knowing what to look for.

How are you doing now health wise?
I’m good. I’m fine. I’m hanging in there, for now. We’ll see.

Congratulations on being a West Coast correspondent now for Fuse. Does this mean Kelly isn’t going to get you on Fashion Police then?
This is true! I will not be on Fashion Police. I’ll put the show on for a little bit here and there, though.

For the record, I was Team Osbourne when the Lady Gaga and Kelly thing went down. The show is just plain fun!
No, listen, at the end of the day if you are in entertainment you put yourself out there for criticism. Everyone knows that it’s a part of the job. People are going to say what they are going to say on whatever platform. It isn’t tearing people down and nothing is ever personal.

We went to our omg! Insider community to find out what they wanted to ask you and @buttercupd wants to know if Lady Gaga and Kelly ever cleared the air?
I don’t know. I was away when that all went on so I don’t know the how, what, when, where, why. So, technically no comment!

Onto @AnnabelleKline who asked if your dad gave you any advice on how to be a good father?
My dad hasn’t given me any blatant advice, but he drops certain things. He knows a lot more about babies than most people would think. He’s had five kids! When Pearl was a newborn and kind of fussy, he would give me little pointers here and there. My dad isn’t a, ‘You know what you need to do?’ kind of person.

How is fatherhood going?
Oh, just amazing. Pearl is getting bigger, and she really is just the cutest [girl] in the world!

“Alpha Dogs” premieres Friday, February 8 at 9 p.m.

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