Ivanka Trump Won’t Tolerate a ‘Spoiled, Bratty’ Daughter

Hallie Stephens
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Ivanka Trump Won’t Tolerate a ‘Spoiled, Bratty’ Daughter

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, are expecting a visit from the stork this fall, but before the special delivery, the happy couple is working on prepping their 23-month-old daughter, Arabella for the role of big sis. The blond beauty told Us Weekly, "We're navigating the sharing thing right now — I think we're, like, 70 percent of the way there." The 31-year-old mom explained that she is desperately trying to teach her daughter to play nice before baby number two arrives, and from the sound of it, Arabella is slowly warming up to the idea. Ivanka explained, "She's really good at telling me I have to share with her. She's less good about actually sharing back."

The busy business-minded mama also admits that despite the estimated $3.2 billion net worth of her father, Donald, there's one thing she won't stand for when it comes to her kids. "The one thing I won't tolerate is her being spoiled or bratty or having poor manners," she explained. That's one area [in which] I'll be very strict."

Check out the vid to hear what Ivanka's baby girl has the hardest time sharing!

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