The Inside Scoop on Diddy and J. Cole’s Post-VMA’s Fight

Taryn Ryder

When CIROQ, D'USSE, and Ace of Spades is flowing like water at a party, a little drama is bound to go down.

Sean "Diddy" Combs and singer J. Cole got into a "heated argument" following a VMA afterparty, multiple witnesses tell omg!.

At Diddy's CIROC Amaretto Launch Party at Ph-D at the Dream Downtown, J. Cole and the music mogul were seen shouting and pushing each other, reportedly over Diddy's girlfriend Cassie.

In the middle — quite literally — of the brawl was Jay Z and Beyoncé.

Despite reports the "Tom Ford" rapper got involved and started yelling at J. Cole, sources tell omg! that Jay's main priority was protecting his wife.

"He wanted to make sure Beyoncé was out of the way," says one partygoer. "He looked very protective. Then they both just tried to calm everyone down."

Although sources tell omg! the fight began over Cassie, exactly how it may have involved her remains unclear.

Page Six reports that J. Cole said "inappropriate things" to Cassie, so Diddy "immediately pounced."

However, E! Online claims that Diddy spotted Cassie sitting at J. Cole's table and got upset.

Regardless, all parties involved appeared to get over everything pretty quickly. Sources tell omg! that after security broke everything up about "a minute" into the scuffle, everyone went back to having a good time.

Both Diddy and J. Cole took to Twitter on Tuesday to deny there was a riff.

Nothing that happens after 2 a.m. counts anyways … right? Especially on VMA night!

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