Injured Kelly Osbourne: It Was a Sprained Ankle or My Face in a Public Toilet

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Kelly Osbourne is down for the count – again!

Just over a year after she fractured her hand after falling out of bed, she has suffered another injury in an equally unusual manner just days before she’s on red carpet duty at the Oscars.

“Got my shoe stuck in a bathroom drain. I was faced w/ spraining my ankle or eating the toilet! Guess what I picked?” the 28-year-old “Fashion Police” tweeted on Wednesday night.

A photo of her right leg in a brace answered her own question.

She elaborated a bit more on the incident, which did not happen at home this time.

“I just could not bare the thought of my face landing in a public toilet,” she wrote. “However I'm now questioning my decision due to the pain!!!!”

Making the drama more manageable was her boyfriend, Matthew Mosshart, who played nurse.

“I have the worlds best BF,” Osbourne tweeted. “He just went out at 11pm to get me this extendable leggy scratcher It even matches my hair.”

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Her leg injury certainly comes at an inconvenient time – days before she works the Academy Awards red carpet pre-show for E! News. However, don’t expect it to keep her away. Osbourne’s not on crutches – she’s only wearing the boot – so she’ll be able to hobble around.

Perhaps she’ll even bedazzle her bootie like Demi Lovato?

You can also expect that Osbourne will be taking the whole ordeal with a grain of salt come Oscar night. In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, she said that she was prepared for anything on Hollywood’s biggest night.

"You just giggle it off,” she said. “I mean, a ladder fell on me with a bunch of water at the SAG Awards this year. The back of my dress was so soaking wet.”

She also detailed an amusing story of having to go to the bathroom while working another red carpet – and heading to a parking lot, dressed in a Zac Posen dress and with a camera crew in tow, to relieve herself … in a cup.

So let’s just say this brace has absolutely nothing on Osbourne!

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