Ian McKellen: Don’t Cry for Margaret Thatcher

Matt Donnelly
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Sir Ian McKellen is taking issue with the Iron Lady, even in her death.

The knighted actor and "Lord of the Rings" star took to his blog to share some thoughts on the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

"The official obituaries have been, as often happens, partial in both senses: sympathetic and incomplete," McKellen wrote, joining a substantial chorus of British voices indifferent over the leader's passing.

McKellen references a piece of legislation called Section 28, which he felt Thatcher pursued to quiet a growing movement for gay rights in the U.K.

"Lest we forget, this nasty, brutish and short measure of the third Thatcher administration, was designed to slander homosexuality, by prohibiting state schools from discussing positively gay people and our 'pretended family relations,'" he continued.

McKellen reflects on how she voted against the measurement's repeal, calling it "her final contribution to U.K. politics. She dies too early to oppose Parliament's inevitable acceptance of same-gender marriage."

On a lighter note, McKellen did share an interesting anecdote about a reception he attended at 10 Downing Street (the Prime Minister's residence) while Thatcher was in office.

"I was the last to leave, alone with Mr and Mrs Thatcher ... she said flirtatiously: 'Mr McKellen, I like your suit. Where did you get it?'"

He responded, "'It's Japanese, Prime Minister.' She grimaced like a nanny: 'Naughty, naughty!' and closed the double doors in my face."

It's an icebreaker, Ian. (By the way, how awesomely dated is the design on McKellan's official site? )

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