How Victoria Beckham Celebrated Her 40th Birthday

Suzy Byrne
Yahoo Celebrity

There is no competition: Victoria Beckham wins for the best way to spend one's 40th birthday.

That's because the fashionista, who celebrated the milestone on Thursday, spent part of her day up close and personal with her husband, David Beckham, and his abs. And she posted this photo on Twitter to show the world that "This Is 40" — and it's not bad at all:

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Judging from her Twitter feed, the former Spice Girl's big day was a busy one involving activities other than just cozying up to the soccer star-turned-undies model. Here are 7 other highlights:

1. She started the day outside in her nightgown. The England-based family was staying in a luxury resort near the Grand Canyon. She took a stretch outside in the morning sun.

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2. She showed the world what a cute baby she was.

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3. She thanked her mom for giving birth to her. A very sweet gesture from the pouty star.

4. She gave a shout out to her dad, too.

5. She enjoyed a family hike.

6. She was honored at a dinner at celeb fave Nobu Malibu. Apparently the day ended back in California at a party attended by her fam and famous guests including Gordon Ramsay.

7. And she had an "Alice in Wonderland" moment. She posted this cake pic on Instagram.

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Well, from the looks of these photos, she's certainly started off 40 on the right abs foot.