Hollywood’s Stars Have Their Marilyn Monroe Moment

Hallie Stephens
Hollywood’s Stars Have Their Marilyn Monroe Moment

Julianne Hough reminded us of Marilyn Monroe on Wednesday, when she stepped out in Los Angeles for a gym session and a gust of wind blew up her light-weight summer dress. The 25-year-old kept calm as she tried to tame her pretty floral Theory dress.

But the blond beauty isn't the only celebrity to accidently channel the late actress's scene in "The Seven Year Itch." Back in May, Kim Kardashian had a Marilyn moment in Los Angeles when a strong wind whistled her way and caused her short striped maternity dress to billow up. The reality starlet took the windy moment in stride and laughed it off as she did her best to keep from exposing it all-again.

Back in 2008, Lindsay Lohan had a Marilyn mishap at the MTV Movie Awards when the wind lifted her purple mini- dress and exposed her Spanx. Lucky for Lilo, a friend was right by her side to help her fight the gust of air.

But these aren't the only stars having their Marilyn wardrobe malfunctions. Check out the vid to see who else has fallen victim to a strong, ill-timed wind.

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