Clive Davis and More Have Advice for Justin Bieber

Rebecca Zamer
Yahoo Celebrity

Pop star Justin Bieber could use some honest advice from people who've been there done (or, at least, seen) that after his arrest on Thursday for alleged DUI and drag racing. While some stars are taking to Twitter to react to the news, others are speaking out and giving some strong advice to the singer.

Clive Davis, who played a major role in the careers of several legendary musicians, had several words of wisdom to impart on the troubled pop star … and, after his business relationship with Whitney Houston, he knows a thing or two about dealing with stars who've dabbled in drugs and alcohol.

"The power of drugs is lethal and that you stay away, and that you don't be seduced by thinking you can win over the lethal power of drugs," Davis advised when "The Insider" caught up with him Thursday evening at the rehearsals for his infamous annual pre-Grammy Gala. "Nobody ever has, nobody ever will."

But, the music producer wasn't the only one to share some honest words. "The Insider" also checked in with 'N Sync alum Lance Bass at Delta's pre-Grammy party event in Los Angeles. Despite growing up in the spotlight, Bass has avoided getting into trouble, so what was his trick?

"When you surround yourself with 'yes' men, you don't know what reality is anymore. I had four of my best friends keep me down to earth and family around me at all times," the 34-year-old said. "It's a lot easier in a group. When you're solo like Justin [Bieber], Britney [Spears], and Lindsay Lohan and all these people that have had some problems, it's because the people around them won't tell them 'no,' here's your advice, get some 'no' men around ya!"

Check out this video to see who else had some advice about being in Hollywood and what Justin Bieber could take away from his experiences. Tune in to "The Insider" on TV tonight for all the latest in entertainment news.