Holly Madison: I Know Daughter Rainbow Might Hate Her Name

Hallie Stephens
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Holly Madison: I Know Daughter Rainbow Might Hate Her Name

Holly Madison gave birth two months ago to a beautiful little girl and when it came to naming her bundle of joy, she chose a moniker that she admits her daughter may grow up to hate! When “omg! Insider” correspondent Keltie Colleen caught up with the former Playboy model and her new addition, Rainbow Aurora, the blond beauty admitted that her daughter might not approve of her birth name. “I know she's gonna go through the phase when she’s younger where she hates her name," Holly says, “so she’ll probably go by ‘Rain’ or ‘Bow,’ but I’ll always call her Rainbow.”

So just where did the new mama find the non-traditional name? “Well I grew up in Alaska and Oregon, which is kind of a hippie area and there was a girl in my school younger than me named Rainbow and I was always super jealous of that name,” she explains. “I thought it was so pretty and so original. And I’d forgotten about that name for a long time until I got pregnant and I was like, that’s the perfect name for my little girl.”

Check out the vid to find out if Holly is planning to give Rainbow a little brother or sister!

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