Heidi Klum Lets the Curls Go Wild on Vacation

Hallie Stephens
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Heidi Klum Lets the Curls Go Wild on Vacation

Heidi Klum gave new meaning to the expression, "let your hair down" while vacationing in the Bahamas over the July Fourth weekend. The gorgeous "America's Got Talent" judge decided to experiment with her tresses by channeling her inner Bo Derek. On Friday, the 40-year-old former Victoria's Secret model posted a pic to Instagram debuting a head of corn rows as she posed on the beach and called herself a "Bahama Mama."

But Heidi didn't keep the tightly twisted look for too long. The blond bombshell removed the braids and shared a pic of her wild, kinked, and frizzy mane on Twitter on Monday. Is it just us, or does she look more like a lion than she does her usual, well-groomed and sleek self?

While we can barely recognize Heidi, she seems to love her crazy locks. She captioned her photo with, "I don't know if I prefer the braids or the big curls…"

Check out the vid to see Heidi's wacky vacation hair!

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