Heather Graham ‘Dodged a Bullet’ by Not Marrying Any of Her Exes

Elizabeth Durand
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It's hard to imagine that Jade, America's sweetheart/stripper du jour, has had anything short of a picture-perfect love life, but apparently that's the case. In a recent interview with Vegas Magazine, Heather Graham opens up about everything from her past relationships (with many Hollywood A-listers) to her deepest desires (which are really quite simple).

After taking Hollywood by storm as the now iconic Roller Girl, Graham enjoyed a bevy of name-drop-worthy beaus ... at least, according to the press. The long and distinguished list of her past boyfriends reportedly includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, Edward Burns, James Woods, Matt Dillon, Benicio Del Toro, Matthew Perry, Scott Speedman, Kyle MacLachlan, Adam Ant, and (most recently) Jason Silva. While their claims to fame range from a hit '90s sitcom to a post-punk music career, they share one thing in common: None of them is the guy for her.

"The Hangover Part III" star is open to marriage, but isn't in a rush.

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"I'm not against it," she explained. "I would definitely do it if I was in the right situation. I would like to be with someone I could settle down with and be with for the rest of my life. But I don't feel like I need to."

That's good, because the 43-year-old beauty is currently single. Reflecting on her past loves, she mused, "I think everyone I've dated has been great, but maybe not the most compatible match."

And, actually, she's fine with that. "I kind of feel like I dodged a bullet," she revealed. "I'd rather be happily single than unhappily married. In the meantime, I'm having a lot of fun."

So, what does the actress find fun? Besides working on the $1 billion "Hangover" franchise and spearheading her own first feature, the flaxen-haired stunner spends time meditating, doing yoga, and performing charity work in Asia. She's also spent some time figuring out what her own desires really are, which she summarized as "Good sex!"

While she hasn't found Mr. Right just yet, she doesn't have any regrets about her past relationships.

"I do have some great stories. I've definitely lived," she quipped. When pressed to reveal specifics, however, she smiles and says, "Maybe when I'm 80 and everyone's dead!"

Sounds like the perfect plan.

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