Harry Styles Walks Down the Aisle … at His Mom’s Wedding

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Some of those Harry Styles-crazed fans out there did a doubletake when a photo surfaced over the weekend of the 19-year-old all dressed up standing next to a bride.

But don’t worry, girls, that lady in white is just his mom! The One Direction hottie not only attended the nuptials of his mother, Anne Cox, but also served as best man and walked the bride down the aisle.

Cox, 42, married long-time boyfriend Robin Twist, the man who helped raise Styles after his mom and dad split. And, according to a report in the U.K.’s Daily Mirror, the affair took place at a restaurant, near the family’s home and included just 42 guests. Styles wore a black suit to match his stepdad’s, while his sister Gemma, 20, served as maid of honor. Gemma also took on the role of social media ambassador for the big day, tweeting about the event, and posting a family photo of herself, the happy couple, Styles, and other guests posing with restaurant staffers.

Styles also shared some shots from inside the festivities with curious fans, posting a comical Vine of guests (himself included!) digging in to the wedding cake. You can almost get your sugar fix just by watching …

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