Harrison Ford Is Charmingly Pitch Imperfect at Dodgers Game — But Other Celebs Have Been Much Worse

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It looks like Harrison Ford will be keeping his day job!

The 70-year-old was game to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Monday. His appearance there was fitting as he's currently starring in the box office hit "42" and MLB was celebrating Jackie Robinson Day.

Ford received wild applause when he was announced, and took the mound looking rather dapper for pitching duty in a sport coat, which he unbuttoned before the pitch. While he appeared to have fine form during his wind up, his throw fell short of home plate … and bounced before Dodgers manager Don Mattingly scooped it up with his glove.

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The movie star's reaction was pretty charming. Clearly disappointed in himself, he made a mock disgusted face, but then followed that up by tossing up his arms and flashing a big smile.

Despite the less-than-perfect pitch, Harrison looked like Clayton Kershaw compared to some of the other celebrities who have gotten the opportunity to also show off their skills on the field.

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Although we know she dated Derek Jeter back in the day, we're not sure whether Mariah Carey had actually seen a baseball game prior to taking the mound in Tokyo in 2008. She sort of dropped the ball and it bounced, then rolled to the catcher. Though that was probably for the best -- she wasn't wearing the right footwear for too much follow-through.

In 2009, Howard Stern's producer Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate's aim was so off when he pitched at a New York Mets game that he hit the umpire and other spectators ran for cover. He's been teased relentlessly on "The Howard Stern Show" ever since.

"American Idol" judge Randy Jackson was actually booed in 2009 when he threw a runaway pitch at a Dodgers game. Poor, Dawg! We think maybe his scarf, an odd fashion choice with a jersey, distracted him.

The ladies Kardashian -- Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and mom Kris Jenner -- were just as good as you would expect them to be when they pitched at Dodger Stadium the same year. Meaning? They were not so good. It was like a firing squad of baseballs. (Go to the 1:12 mark.)

And we couldn't make this list without mentioning Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis's 2003 pitch at a Seattle Mariners game. It is famously bad. But you can't give him too hard a time -- he has quite the Olympic gold medal collection.

But along with the bad, there have been many good pitches.

Though George Lopez feared he would throw like Mariah when he pitched at a 2009 Dodgers game, his aim was spot on. And his warm-up routine in the video is pretty comical.

Matthew McConaughey also impressed the crowd -- and himself -- with this pitch at a Dodgers game in 2009. We liked his fist pumping after he nailed it.

But perhaps one of the most memorable first pitches at a baseball game belongs to former president -- and new grandfather -- George W. Bush. While he's done it several times -- and certainly has the experience as a former Texas Rangers owner -- the most important was during the 2001 World Series -- just after 9/11 -- at Yankee Stadium in New York. Later describing it as "the most nervous moment of my entire presidency," he said, "I took a deep breath and threw it, and thankfully it went over the plate. The response was overwhelming."


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