Hanson Bros Beer: Three Guesses What It’s Called

Matt Donnelly
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The Hanson brothers are the one-hit wonder that keeps on giving.

The attractive trio of musical siblings has finally taken a stab at a pop culture second coming — a signature beer named after their hit song "MMMBop."

Naturally, the brew is called "MMMHops."

Isaac, 32, Taylor, 30, and Zac, 27, were rumored to be creating a signature IPA in their home state of Oklahoma in 2011.

They later confirmed the news, and chose the perfect moment to unveil the brew: at "The Hangover III" premiere in Los Angeles on Monday.

Hanson's famous track is featured in the film, and Taylor shared a snap of he and one of the movie's stars, Ed Helms, enjoying the drink at the film's afterparty.

While the "Hangover" crowd got to sample the goods, Mustang Brewing, who partnered with the brothers on their beer venture, insisted the recipe has yet to be perfected.

"The final recipe is yet to be determined. In fact, Hanson was in our brewery this week working with us on a pilot brew. They're great guys and serious craft beer fans. We look forward to working with them," a rep for the company said.

Do you have any desire to order an MMMHop?
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