Gwyneth Paltrow Gets a Tattoo … of an Eagle?!

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Apparently tattoos of eagles are goop-approved!

Gwyneth Paltrow has made a second career out of giving tips for high-level living on her lifestyle website, so we did a triple take when we saw these new photos of the actress sporting a decidedly unchic tattoo of an eagle on her arm.

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While passing through Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday, the 40-year-old was dressed in her best casual chic for travel, wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and boots, and toting two pricey handbags. But what she had on quickly faded in our minds as we zeroed in on the bird tattoo taking up a lot of real estate on her right forearm.

The body art is a definite departure from Paltrow’s typical style – it’s both large and, frankly, unattractive – making us wonder if it’s real … or something that one of her children, Apple and Moses, slapped on mom during play time. Another indication that it’s possibly fake? It appears to be faded, so Paltrow, who is known for finding the best of everything around the world and recommending it to her goop readers, clearly didn’t go to one of the top-of-the-line artists that Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and the other famous tattoo fanatics seem to have on speed dial.

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And if it is actually real – which we aren’t banking on (and we’re still waiting to hear back from her publicist on the important matter) – it’s a relatively new addition because we’ve scoured her most recent bikini pics – and we never before had this bird’s-eye view.

What do you think: Real or fake? Love or hate? Weigh in below.

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