‘New Girl’ Star Max Greenfield Brings Vanilla Ice to ‘Arsenio’

Sarah Flanigan
‘New Girl’ Star Max Greenfield Brings Vanilla Ice to ‘Arsenio’

Alright, stop, collaborate, and listen! "New Girl" star Max Greenfield made an appearance as Vanilla Ice on "Arsenio" Monday night and pretty much brought the house down. Because, you know, Schmidt and the '90s rapper are so alike, right?

The late night host asked Greenfield about his Ice impression in July on a webisode of "The ArScheerio Paul Show" — where Max played the "Ice Ice Baby" singer and comedian Paul Scheer reenacted classic moments from the 1990s "Arsenio Hall Show"— requesting that the actor bring the character back for round two. Stylists rushed the stage to hand the former Emmy nominee a big, colorful jacket and add a fresh blond streak to his hair.

Of course, there was one thing Arsenio had to ask his faux "Ice Ice Baby" singer to do that he didn't accomplish the first time around: dance. And dance he did, busting out a killer running man. Who knew Max had such sweet moves?!

Check out the video to see his hysterical performance, and be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for all the latest in entertainment news.

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