Forever Young! Stars Who Haven’t Aged

Rachel Hoffman
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Forever Young! Stars Who Haven’t Aged

Time seems to be standing still for these sexy stars! When it comes to ageless beauty, Heather Graham is a sure thing. She may have rolled into our hearts as "Roller Girl" in the 90's hit "Boogie Nights", but more than 15 years later she is proving that age is just a number.

Another famous face who doesn't seem to have changed one bit is former "Charmed" star Alyssa Milano. While she probably used a spell or two from her days on the show to stay young, in her upcoming ABC drama "Mistresses," she is nothing but naturally gorgeous – and still looks just as good as the old days!

Of course, you can't talk ageless A-listers without mentioning John Stamos. Whether it's playing Uncle Jesse on "Full House" or making women swoon in Greek yogurt commercials most recently, he seems to have found the fountain of youth – and we certainly aren't complaining!

Check out the vid to find out which other stars don't seem to be affected by Father Time.

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