Flavor Flav’s Fiancée Hospitalized for Exhaustion, Not Overdose

Jeremy Blacklow
omg! Celeb News

Despite a report on Monday that rapper Flavor Flav's fiancée, Liz Trujillo, was hospitalized due to a drug overdose, a source close to Flav tells omg! that "nothing could be further from the truth."

TMZ reported Monday afternoon that Trujillo, 39, who is the mother of one of Flav's kids, suffered an accidental overdose due to painkillers while filming the VH1 show, "Couple's Therapy." Their report came via "a honcho on the show," who told them that she was "acting strange" and "took too many pills." A VH1 rep later told E! News that Trujillo was hospitalized due a "suspected overdose," and was taken to the hospital as a precaution and was later doing fine.

TMZ updated their story a few hours later with a statement from Flav's rep that also denied there being any truth to their initial report.

omg!'s source claims that the real fault is with the show's producers, whom the source claims exhausted both Flav and Trujillo by maintaining a rigorous shooting schedule, which kept the couple up all night. "She was rightfully exhausted. The producers preyed upon the opportunity to make drama and created April foolery of their own," the source says.

The source adds, "Liz went to the hospital and was evaluated and released immediately with a clean bill of health. There were no drugs involved, period. Flav and Liz are being cooped up in a house in Chatsworth [California]. They're literally under lock and key and the watchful eye of dozens of cameras and producers and their housemates. It's a shame that a producer would gin up such an outrageously false claim at the expense of Liz, her family, and an already overburdened hospital staff. One should always be suspicious when the call to TMZ is placed simultaneously with the call to 911. In response to the claim that drugs were a factor — nothing could be further from the truth."

Omg! has reached out to VH1 for comment.

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