Fashion Faceoff: Rihanna vs. Kanye West

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Rihanna's style secret is out.

The fashionable singer's strategy seems to be that anything good enough for her "Diamonds" collaborator Kanye West is good enough for her.

She's recently copied two of his looks, inspiring the first double edition of Fashion Faceoff.

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What they wore: Sweatpants emblazoned with colorful, faux band names by label Kokon to Zai, and the Rottweiler tee by upscale brand Givenchy.

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When they wore it: Kanye, 35, wore both designs first and to tres-chic events, beginning with the shirt at Paris Fashion Week in March 2011 and the pants at the opening of a Versace store in October 2012 in NYC. Rihanna, 25, sported the tee just last month while out and about in NYC, and the pants to cheer on the L.A. Clippers at a home game on April 7.

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How they styled it: Rihanna wore the sweatpants with a matching tank top, a backwards baseball cap, white stilettos, and a choker. She wore her Rotweiller T-shirt tucked into a pleated red leather mini skirt, a red sweater, and, of course, another backwards baseball cap. Kim Kardashian's man, meanwhile, opted for leather pants and a sleek black leather jacket for both outfits.

Judge's scorecard: RiRi had a lot — maybe too much — going on in both looks. However, she made a good call in mixing the tough tee and cap with feminine touches, like the flouncy skirt and heels. Kanye manages to look cool and dressy-casual in both instances, but is this the only look he can pull off?

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