Fashion Faceoff: Britney Spears vs. Taylor Swift

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Both Britney Spears and Taylor Swift have a long list of hit songs and awards.

But which of them sported the better style when they recently stepped out in the same garment?

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What they wore: A lacy slip dress from Free People, on sale now for $88.

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When they wore it: Spears tossed a pale blue version on to run errands in Los Angeles on April 18, while Swift sported the design in pink with polka dots for a lunch at trendy La La Land eatery Kings Road Cafe on May 17, 2012.

How they styled it: Exactly as we would expect. Spears wore the dress over cropped leggings with brown wedge sneakers and her hair pulled back. Her competition, however, went for a more romantic look. Swift belted the frock at the waist and layered it over a floor-length lace skirt with prim purple footwear and a vintage hat.

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Judge's scorecard: Spears was wise to pick a fresh and flirty piece, but what she paired it with was not ideal. Still, at least she wasn't wearing sweats! Obviously, Swift put a lot more thought into the look, and it shows.

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