The Evidence For Why Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Is Basically the Cutest Thing Ever

Jeremy Blacklow
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Say what you will about Jessica Simpson’s appearance (and many people have very strong opinions!), but that daughter of hers is pretty much as cute as it gets in celebrity baby-ville.

And on the day marking Maxwell Drew Johnson’s first nine months on the planet, Simpson, 32, shared this adorable pic of her mini-me playing in a kitchen sink.

Let’s spend a moment analyzing the facts behind the cuteness factor, shall we?

Exhibit A: Maxwell Drew is playing in a sink … what's cuter than that? Kids playing in sinks and toilets, while perhaps not the most hygienic of moves, are always adorable. Sounds like a great Friday afternoon activity to us!

Exhibit B: She has plaid shoes on. (From the Jessica Simpson fashion empire, perhaps?) Plaid is always chic … as is Maxwell Drew!

Exhibit C: Clearly Maxwell Drew is living in a home where eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is valued, as evidenced by the presence of Truvia and bananas. If there were aspartame sweeteners in this pic, the Internet might have been up in arms.

Exhibit D: Maxwell Drew’s strong grip of the sink faucet clearly is a pre-cursor to her Olympic gold medaling gymnastics career – today, the sink… tomorrow, she takes down China.

Exhibit E: Maxwell Drew looks lovingly to her left as the photo is taken, clearly showing that she’s ready for her turn in the Hollywood spotlight. Barbra Streisand and Mariah Carey have nothing on this kid, in terms of capturing her good side.

In summary, Maxwell Drew Johnson, you are hereby found GUILTY of being as cute as humanly possible. Your yet-to-be-born sibling will have very high social media standards to look up to.

We are, in a word, enchanted.

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